The games – in the past and today

The Olympic Games – these are games where a lot of professional athletes compete for the first place. In the Olympic Games in 2012 Bulgaria won only two medals – a silver and a bronze in wrestling for women and in boxing for men. The Olympic Games are a great way for entertainment and the whole world watches them. It is a great event. Every four years there are Olympic Games.

The place where these games were born was ancient Greece. Then they were a test for strength, force, vitality and other qualities. The spectators from all parts of Greece went to the games not only for entertainment but to watch how their favourite competitors play the games.

Today there are many different sports and championships. We know the World Football Cup, the K1 – championship for professional fighters, the National Basketball Association and many interesting electronic sports.

Today the computer and video games have become something more than just games or entertainment. They have become a part of our life. There are professional gamers who take part in different competitions exactly as the football players, the kick-boxers and all other real sport players.

The games are a part of children’s life too. All children learn different things while they are playing. Many parents buy puzzles and other logical games because that will help their children to develop their logic. On the Internet there are many online shops for all kinds and types of games. You can order Warcraft III, a puzzle map, video game or something else and it will be delivered to you in a day or two. So you can start your entertainment without going out of your home.

There are games even for your pets. In the pet stores you can buy logical games for your dog, games for your cat or something for your bird. And you will enjoy watching them with their new games and toys.

There are a lot of ways for entertainment. We can play different games or go out with friends, watch a movie or something else. It is important to be happy and to love what we do.