The new way of playing games

The new way for entertainment is something that the young and the old like. The first generation of video and electronic games were not very good but people loved them because it was something new and different from the ordinary ways for entertainment. With the development of the technology the world of games changed and today we play games with incredible graphics and images. Today is the time of the virtual games from the new generation.

The new titles of games are Diablo III, StarCraft II, World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft Cataclysm and many other games. This new way of entertainment attracts millions of people in front of the computers and play stations. Not only the children but their parents play these games too. The new RPGs (Role Playing Game) are something that the world has never seen before. Today we can play with different heroes and races and the gameplay and the graphic are amazing.

A lot of people play different computer games not only for entertainment but for living. The professional players or as they are called gamers play for money. In the Eastern countries electronic sports are a way of living and there are a lot of championships every year. In 2003 Bulgaria won the World Cyber Games (WCG) in the Warcraft division.
The interest in the computer games is increasing every single day. Many kids at the age of three start playing games for their entertainment.

Children prefer staying at home with the computer to playing football or basketball. But the real games will be always in our hearts because they have existed for thousands of years and they will be played after another thousand years. The world football championship, the Olympic Games and so many other famous competitions are favourite of the whole world. And even a lot of gamers leave their computers to watch some interesting match or something else.
But one thing is sure – people love to play both virtual and real games because this is one great way for entertainment.